White Lace and Promises – Choosing Wedding Gloves

Wedding gloves come in many styles, sizes and prices. I am introducing a Budget Bride section with our Wedding Gloves
under $20. Budget Bride with some lovely lace gloves for your Wedding as well as adorable little flower girl lace gloves.

Our best selling white lace gloves are $16 with shipping included Affordable White lace bridal gloves

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More lace wedding gloves

Flower girls lace gloves and Toddler girls lace gloves

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Do you need white lace gloves for your wedding or can you live without them? Any Bride on a budget is going to weigh the pros and cons of this and many other tiny decisions that add up to the cost of getting married in style. As a Wedding retailer, I have to be honest with any bride…don’t buy things you don’t really want to wear or use or have at your wedding. Even from me (because my bridal gloves do really rock!)

Just yell WEDDINGS!!! The word brings $$$ signs to the eyes of many retailers like a winning slot machine in Vegas. Bridal Parties in the 22nd Century are spending on average is $25,000 in the USA according to http://www.costofwedding.com. A great site to get some insight into the real costs of the Dream Wedding you’ve imagined. But what about a nice down payment on the House of your Dreams that lasts a lifetime compared to just a day in your life.

Yep, I sound a bit callous but if you are getting married for all the right reasons, you may be able to save some dollars and still have a really beautiful day to cherish with your loved ones. So start out by brainstorming over all the things you hope to have on your special day. Next cross off things you do not really feel are practical or possible.

After this core list is ready, think about all the skills needed to accomplish your goal. Do you know anyone who can craft, arrange flowers, sew or any other creative DIY friends so you can hire them or learn to do some of your ideas on your own. Local craft stores are a great place for new ideas and classes on how to Do it Yourself.

Lastly, if you just adore the look of lace gloves at your wedding, you can consider making the gloves your gift to your Bridal Party. There are many ways to use lace fingerless gloves besides for dressing up your flower girls and bridesmaids. Every little flower girl would love a special pair of princess gloves to wear after the wedding for dress up. Bridesmaids can rock those lace gloves with jeans and a t-shirt while remembering what an awesome day they had with their favorite bride and groom.

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