About Us

Madonna’s Favorite Glove Makers!

Madonna is our most celebrated client but we take pride in making your handmade gloves and jewelry perfectly each time. Every customer is important to us at Steampunk Wolf. You don’t have to be Madonna to get great service.

rebelhearttourmadonna       madonnacosmo1      Lace Fingerless Gloves Black Gloves Worn By Madonna Gothic Steampunk Noir Nu Goth

Check out some of the favorite gloves of Madonna here!

A Fun Start

1239441_10201368416005227_210128996_nSteampunk Wolf grew from a hobby to a business venture in a matter of months.  Our Family  got interested in Steampunk after attending some Cosplay and Anime Cons in our native California and seeing the really awesome costumes with a Victorian flare but futuristic additions. We gave our unique touch to it and expanded our small shop to reach out to you all. Hope we will receive your support and love.

Please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly for photos from Conventions and new creations.

Reggie Lee from ‘Grimm’ at Sac Comic Con.

Recently our bridal style gloves are being used in the film Stelana Kliris film “Committed” by the run away bride. We have also been asked to give gloves to several TV programs for bridal shoots including “Good Morning American-Atlanta” so the interest in our product fascinates and thrills us.

Thank you for checking out our family shop, we value your business. We will keep working on new ideas and products. Maybe we will meet at a Con!


Barrett, Tracey and Audrey


A Pictorial Glance of Who We Are