Dancing in New York City!

I’ve watched many movies and tv programs with beautiful people doing amazing things in New York and wished I was there to join in the group. This month I really was able to be part of an amazing group of performers as Spaceflight18 unveiled their Kaleidoscope dancers  as they expressed themselves through movement and dance.

First up for the opening of Figment Fesitival 2016 on Governor’s Island.   It was a beautiful backdrop to start out the weekend. I love how it looks across the water at the City, breathtaking. Spaceflight18 was the first to get the weekend long festival started with their kaleidoscope dancers. Led by Captain Wally in purple velvet inspired by Prince and all wearing striking white flight costumes created by Steampunk Wolf.  The attendees joined in the fun as the love spread on Saturday, June 4th, 2016. But the fun did not end there as they took their show off to more venues later that weekend.




Figment is an event for performing arts held annually since 2007. It is held at Governors Island in New York Harbor.

More about Figment here!


                    figment2                            figment3


This amazing group of performers contains a fire dancer, trained ballerina, drummer and more!


This such a great shot! I love the energy showing in this image. The feeling of freedom to move and enjoy the music of each soul came together in such a real way. Seeing families join in was the best way to start out a weekend of Arts.





NYC has never looked better than when the crew returned to perform in Times Square and Grand Central on June 8th. It was even more amazing to see how mostly everyone stopped to see what was going on in those white uniforms. The hush is visible. The crew of performers worked hard and it really paid off.

You might wonder how Steampunk Wolf met up with Spaceflight18 to create costumes from coast to coast? It was a pretty spectacular feat from California to New York. Originally, Captain Wally came across our fun Hubble Space Arm warmers and knew they would be great on his crew.

I emailed him back and we decided to speak in person after a few days.It was obvious that he had a great project that really sparked my interest. I wasn’t clear what exactly his performers would be doing but dancing was enough to know for me. I love performance arts and dance is my all time fave as I used to be en pointe as well as part of a folk dance troup in Provo, Utah.


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As soon as he contacted me and we quickly hit it off. The first time we used Skype was a comedy of errors as I tired to get it working on my end. Eric waited patiently!!

He  realized I have a theater background as a performer and costumer. I realized that this man had the most free spirited mind and attitude I had encountered. He checked out my website, Facebook and Instagram. All full of photos of the things I love to do.

When he asked me if I could do all his costumes and not just gloves. I was very happy to say yes! It had been 10 years since I costumed a full show. Out of retirement to a NYC gig was just what I needed to get creative. I started sending him sketches and ideas back and forth in March. It took us a while but with Skype and Instant messenger as well as phone calls, it wasn’t too difficult in today’s technology to get creative together.

We often talked late at night or very early in the morning. For weeks I was stuck on a jacket for the captain that was long sleeved, sleek and made of something heavy like wool. Eric called me excited about a video of Prince and Sheryl Crow singing “Everyday is a Winding Road” from 1999. Prince is decked out in a purple velvet tunic  that swishes as he moves. The Captain said ” I want my costume to move like Prince’s in this video with Sheryl Crowe”.

I watched the video link and saw it was a very stretchy plush velvet. My brain was screaming “NO” because I wanted that structured jacket so badly. But as a designer, the most important thing to do is listen to your client! I am so glad I did because the end result in plum stretch velvet moved perfectly as he danced, danced, danced!

armwarmers053   armwarmers053a



The Captain aka-Eric Wallach is really the most positive person that I have ever worked with in over 30 years. He gave me energy through the phone! I really enjoyed working with him and his crew to get them costumes that were functional and would hold up for multiple performances. Every costume in the Times Square photos had been washed at that point. I could not tell the difference.


The crew is available for other events both indoors and outdoors. Their brand of dance gets everyone involved. It’s way more than a performance because everyone can get moving instead of sitting down to just watch the fun. It is a joyful experience. If you are interested in following Captain Wally and his crew or hiring them for your event, just check out their page on Facebook here!

Spaceflight18 on FB

The Captain’s Summer Arts Camp program is Brooklyn Arts for Kids.


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Photo credits go to Owen Long and Belinda Blum. Thank you for capturing these images!!!

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