Madonna’s big Secret is out! Watch her on Ellen and find out.

I know a secret about Madonna, and so can you. Just watch her this week on the Ellen Show with Ellen Degeneres. Madonna is a natural comedian. You cannot miss her offbeat humor, sarcastic comics or those eye rolls.She is giving Ellen a run for her money in the funny department. Maybe it is because they are related (third cousins or something) but Madge can really hold her own.

Check out her body language as she lounges in one of the comfy set chairs and talks about her ‘too tight’ and ‘uncomfortable’ costume. Same with the Brit awards on stage. Madonna is not worried if she sits like a lady with her legs crossed, she just let’s it all go. Later with Justin Beiber, she is in a dress and just as relaxed. And her and Ellen’s bathroom duet is a classic comedy piece. I expect to see it replayed for many years.

MADONNA-performs-at-BRIT-Awards-2015-in-London-2  ellen


Madonna’s favorite gloves from us!

Those eyes of hers really convey her attitude and humor. From snake eyes to innocent kitty, she has a wide range of expressions. And the mouth to match it. She is sharp witted and well spoken. Her voice is so melodic. Her tears over daughter Lola’s departure for college really touched me, I have a daughter the same age.

Seriously I think I now understand why her fans are so in love with her. She is magical and wicked and beautiful all at once. I think she looks better now than she did in her early days.

Now all that said, she is also wearing some fabulous gloves made by our shop, Steampunk Wolf. But that is beside the point. I am enjoying her week on Ellen and can now understand why the show felt she was worth having around for an entire week. Tit for Tat, Madge can hold her own. So if her voice ever gives out, she can start a stand up routine or her own talk show.




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