Review of Tuxedo black white Lace Fingerless Gloves

Even better in person. These are really beautiful. I got so many compliments when I wore them!!

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Sara Right  

Review of Ace of Spades Arm Warmers

I am giving these a four star and not five because they are really great but the print is a bit large for a size xs. I thought it would shrink on the smaller size. But they are really well made and super comfy. The fabric also washed well in the cold water method recommended.!!

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Dianna Rosentha  

Review of Red Plaid Corset Arm Warmers Gloves Lace Ups

These are Bomb!!! Just amazing looking. No where else could I find something this fantastic at this price. I have worn them for many days in a row, washed them and they still keep going.!!

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Becky R.  

Review of Arm Warmers In Newsprint Black And White Fingerless Gloves

Very cool gloves. The fabric is stretchy and not too thick so I wear them all year.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Carolyn  

Review of Barfing Unicorns and Rainbows Fingerless gloves

Very nice fabric, it is soft and stretchy. The design is really cute. My daughter and I have them matching.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Lyn 

Review of Elsa Gloves Silver Blue Glitter Queen Elsa Frozen Costume 

Love these! My five year old is very happy. They also make her costume warmer. I recommend this shop as very good with communication and a nice product.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Sara Right  

Review of Toddler girl Purple Fingerless Gloves 

Tiny and adorable, also well made!

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Becky R  

Review of Assassin Creed Inspired Arm Warmers Fingerless Gloves Gamer Gift

I just received mine in the mail two days ago, and to say I was exited would be an understatement. I have been wanting these for easily over a year now, and only recently had the means to purchase them. I am so happy with the quality of work on these; I know for sure I will have to go back and buy all the other styles. I am going to wear these for eight days straight and show them off proudly; they make me look a right nerd. To any one reading this who hasn’t bought these and is an AC fan, you are missing out on a great product. I highly recommend buying a pair A.S.A.P!

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Lucy  

Review of Ace Flag Arm Warmers

Just got mine in the mail! Good quality. Material is nice, though thin and not meant to be worn on bare arms in the winter or anything. They’re nice and long, go up past my elbows just like the picture. Material is soft (I have sensitive skin and they don’t itch or feel scratchy at all). I like them! Glad to see an ace product that isn’t a block picture of the flag slapped on a unisex tshirt! Thanks so much, I’m very happy with them! :3

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Selena  

Review of Long Brown Lace Fingerless Gloves Bridesmaids Wedding Steampunk

I have to review these awesome gloves! This lace is beautiful but durable so these are pretty sturdy. I have the white, black/burgundy and pink versions now. They stay up perfectly all day and while I am dancing. I do belly dancing and these are amazing. I love this product.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________      – Marta